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Our book’s arrived at last! ))) My daughter and I can’t get enough of it! It’s so beautiful and accurate! You are the real professionals! Now my child is busy and I have a free time ))) Thanks a lot!!!


Our book arrived long ago)! Thanks for very prompt delivery! My girl is so thrilled!!) and I’m sure I’ve made a right choice, the quality is terrific! thanks for such a wonderful idea for a child’s present 


I've known babybooklavka books for ages and every new collection is very surprising. I bought a book for a present but I had a strong desire to keep it))) It turns out that adults also love to twist, unbutton and do puzzles! It's so childlike glee!! Highly recommended!


Thank you for being in our life! In reality your book is even better than in photos :) We won’t get bored from now on :))) 


@babybooklavka is about attention to the details!

I’m addicted to this book myself > Velcro, elastic, something rustles, someone hides behind the clouds/cactuses, a helicopter has a moving propeller, carrots can be taken out of the basket ... you see)) if you spend money for toys, it’s better to buy developmental ones for your child!!! Can’t wait to play with it again!) Thank you so much for your quality, style and care!) my daughter is so delighted! 


This book is our favourite pastime! We've started in one, now we are two, the book is still beloved and used every day! :) The quality is perfect, as it was saying. I explore it myself with great pleasure! In sum, the book is worth its money and it'll serve for many years. I’m planning to give some ordinary old toys away free, but I'd like to keep this book on a bookshelf for all my life!