Babybooklavka books are made from cotton and felt


We use 100% cotton from the USA, Germany and Korea. Fabric does not fade after wash and does not shrink. 

The felt is from Korea. We have found an ideal deliverer and we have been buying felt in one place for 2 years. The quality of this felt is that it does not become fluffy, does not pill or shrink and keeps its original appearance for years.


All accessories are sewn tight, our books are 100% safe and do not contain toxic materials or details which your child can swallow. First of all we have made these books for our children. That is why we make them so carefully, with love and attention to every detail.


Absolute advantage of Babybooklavka books is that they are washable!

What can be easier than to put a book into a washing machine and get it out fresh and clean after a half an hour?

It is possible with our books!

We recommend a delicate machine wash at 30ᵒ and drying near the heater. 


Our books are suitable for children from the age

of 3 months

We create books for different ages (1, 2, 3, 5 - all age has its own stories - easy or complicated). 


The weight is from 350 g.

Suitable for travelling because of its lightness.


The books have a hard base, but they are very flexible and do not leave creases.

With care about baby comfort, BABYBOOKLAVKA.