In the making of developing books we use 100% cotton and Korean felt. Sheets of books are flexible due to the fabric sealant - doublerine, and interlayers - sintepona.
The average book weight is 350-450 grams


Books are resistant to the manifestation of strength on the part of children, are designed for active games. That is, they can safely pull, touch, pull the rubber bands and twist the details.
We do not recommend washing the books in the washing machine.
For small dirt (porridge, biscuits, etc.), the stain should be allowed to dry and clean with a dry brush.
It is allowed to wash manually at a temperature of up to 30 °: it is enough to soak for a while in warm water, and wipe the area with a sponge.
In the book-constructor, you can wash each sheet separately.



If you eventually lost some removable parts, write to us, we will send you duplicates for free.